Question: Manual add switch (Visonic) Which TYPE?

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Question: Manual add switch (Visonic) Which TYPE?

Post by Olgmo » Wednesday 26 July 2017 12:33

I have a remote control for my garage door who I used RFXmanager to find this:

Code: Select all

Packettype    = Security1
subtype       = Visonic CodeSecure
Sequence nbr  = 154
id1-3         = D20518 decimal:13763864
status        = Light On
Now I what to add this as a switch.
But when I go to "Add manual light/switch device" I dont know which TYPE to use as Visonic is not an option.

Should it be possible and if yes, what to use? :roll:
The closest I can find is to use "meiantech Security" , but this does not seems to work (at least the door does not open).

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