TS-808 Wireless thermostat

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TS-808 Wireless thermostat

Post by joostvanderlinde » Friday 17 November 2017 18:10

To control my underfloor heating valve, I want to use a (wireless) thermostat that I also can control via RFXCom.
Using a simple KaKu switch and a temperature sensor linked via Domottiz could a solution, but the drawback is I cannot simply adjust the temperature in the room by 'pressing a switch'/

I found the TS-808 Wireless Thermostat that seems to be capable of what I want. It looks like a simpe 433MHz switch that is triggered by a temperature sensor/transmitter.
http://www.ebay.nl/itm/TS-808-RF-433MHz ... 2465102186

The specs I have only state that it is 433MHz...
Question is: Will it be controlable (read the transmitter / trigger the receiver) from Domoticz via my RFXCom?

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