Wiki image resizing error.

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Wiki image resizing error.

Post by nayr » Thursday 14 January 2016 22:42

It seems I cant use thumbnails or custom sizes for any images I try to attach to the wiki, the RAW works but that is it.

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Re: Wiki image resizing error.

Post by jmleglise » Saturday 18 June 2016 22:37

I confirm, and this form doesn't work in the wiki : [[File:File.png|200px]]

(or, I don't understand how to use it ...)
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Re: Wiki image resizing error.

Post by krisha » Monday 27 November 2017 17:12

Encountered the same problem. Played also with different options, but couldn't make it work 100% :(

Somewhen the thumbnail was shown up. Now it does not anymore.

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