Sensors "Cyble Mbus V1.4" and "Multical402"

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Sensors "Cyble Mbus V1.4" and "Multical402"

Post by duodiscu92 » Sunday 11 February 2018 19:57

I am looking for information on two sensors I have at home.
The first one is a volumeter sensor "Cyble Mbus V1.4" for hot water for sanitary use, the second one is a "Multical 402" is also a volumeter sensor for hot water for central heating (which converts water volume into KWh). Both two sensors seem to be equipped for remote monitoring (by ERDF a French energy provider). Conrcening Multical 402 I have already asked information to a French vendor but I never received answer.
The information that I have got on Internet are very imprecise, I would be grateful if somebody has information on data format, transmission mode (wireless or not ? protocol ? frequency etc).

Sensors photos on these links : ... s.jpg?dl=0 ... 2.jpg?dl=0

My objective is to acquire data provided by theses sensors using a RPi and then process and to transmit the information (using JSON interface) to my Domoticz server (installed on another RPi).
Thank you for your help

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