S_DIMMER not working after restart

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S_DIMMER not working after restart

Post by Flopp » Saturday 18 November 2017 8:23

I am using v3.8740

When using S_DIMMER I get a device with Type=Light/Switch and Subtype=AC. I add it to see I can see it under Switches.
Under Switch I edit the device to be a Dimmer(Switch Type)

I can change it and my Node can request the device number. I request for V_PERCENTAGE. In my Node I get a value between 0-660.
I can pull the "dot" and it change value in Domoticz I change TAB to eg. Dashboard and go back to Switches it still have the value that I change to.
But if I restart Domoticz after I have add the device it will always be the value it was when I restarted Domoticz. I can still pull the "dot" and value change but when I to other TAB and back to Switched it have the last value since restart.

Anyone have seen this?

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