What sensortype to chose to present a number to domoticz?

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What sensortype to chose to present a number to domoticz?

Post by burton666 » Friday 28 April 2017 20:55

I want to try to create some presence detection sensors using mysensors to be able to detect how many peoples are in each rooms or if the room is unoccupied. I am still experementing with what kind of sensors works best but I do not really know how it would be best to present the actual number of persons in each room.

Lets say I have a way to detect how many persons that enter or leave a room. The sensors give me info of People detected entering room.

Code: Select all

People detected entering room:                                               4            3          1
                                                                         |Room 1 | --> |Room 2|-->|Room 3|-->|Room 4|
Actual number of people in each room:                                        1             2         1          0 
I know I can calculate the actual number of people in each room by using blocky or lua, but how do I actually send the number from "People detected entering room" sensors ? But what kind of sensor do I specify in the mysensors sketch? Are there any form of counter sensor value to use?

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