Kodi Mediaserver Support

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Re: Kodi Mediaserver Support

Post by anno » Thursday 17 May 2018 1:14

If you all need more information, than you, domoticz makers need to give me the tools.

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Re: Kodi Mediaserver Support

Post by Estebus » Sunday 01 July 2018 20:52

Dear all,

I need you help about an issue I have since a long time and I don't find solution on it.

I use last version of Domoticz (beta) on a respberryPI, my kodi is en last version 17.6 running on a windows 10 machine.
All remote control option are activated.

it seems my issue is more coming from Domoticz because all json message a properly received and domoticz failed to create the switch.
I never see the switch automatically created and I don't find how to solve it.

Thanks in avance for your help.

here my logs with this error :
2018-07-01 20:46:10.132 Kodi: Starting I/O service thread.
2018-07-01 20:46:10.132 Kodi: (KodiSalon) Handling message: '{"id":1007,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"canhibernate":true,"canshutdown":true,"cansuspend":true}}'.
2018-07-01 20:46:10.132 Kodi: (KodiSalon) Sending data: '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Player.GetActivePlayers","id":1005}'
2018-07-01 20:46:10.133 Kodi: (KodiSalon) Handling message: '{"id":1005,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":[{"playerid":1,"type":"video"}]}'.
2018-07-01 20:46:10.133 Kodi: (KodiSalon) Sending data: '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Player.GetItem","id":1003,"params":{"playerid":1,"properties":["artist","album","year","channel","showtitle","season","episode","title"]}}'
2018-07-01 20:46:10.179 Kodi: (KodiSalon) Handling message: '{"id":1003,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"item":{"album":"","artist":[],"episode":-1,"id":136,"label":"Harry Potter et le Prisonnier d'Azkaban","season":-1,"showtitle":"","title":"Harry Potter et le Prisonnier d'Azkaban","type":"movie","year":2004}}}'.
2018-07-01 20:46:10.179 Kodi: (KodiSalon) Sending data: '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Player.GetProperties","id":1002,"params":{"playerid":1,"properties":["live","percentage","speed"]}}'
2018-07-01 20:46:10.181 Kodi: (KodiSalon) Event: 'Unknown'.
2018-07-01 20:46:10.181 Kodi: (KodiSalon) Handling message: '{"id":1002,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"live":false,"percentage":66.76619720458984375,"speed":1}}'.
2018-07-01 20:46:11.033 Kodi: (KodiSalon) Sending data: '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"JSONRPC.Ping","id":1001}'
2018-07-01 20:46:11.034 Kodi: (KodiSalon) Handling message: '{"id":1001,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":"pong"}'.
2018-07-01 20:46:11.035 Kodi: (KodiSalon) Event: 'On'.
2018-07-01 20:46:11.035 Error: EventSystem: Could not determine switch type for event device KodiSalon
2018-07-01 20:46:41.036 Kodi: (KodiSalon) Sending data: '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"JSONRPC.Ping","id":1001}'
Each time I do "stop" or "pause" there is this error message.

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Re: Kodi Mediaserver Support

Post by DAVIZINHO » Monday 06 August 2018 19:12

since recent updates the log of kodi are more continuos with messajes like this:

Code: Select all

 2018-08-06 19:04:41.624 Kodi: (Kodi_Salon) Handling message: '{"id":1002,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"live":false,"percentage":71.87725830078125,"speed":0}}'.
2018-08-06 19:05:11.625 Kodi: (Kodi_Salon) Handling message: '{"id":1002,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"live":false,"percentage":71.87725830078125,"speed":0}}'.
2018-08-06 19:05:41.628 Kodi: (Kodi_Salon) Handling message: '{"id":1002,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"live":false,"percentage":71.87725830078125,"speed":0}}'.
2018-08-06 19:06:11.633 Kodi: (Kodi_Salon) Handling message: '{"id":1002,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"live":false,"percentage":71.87725830078125,"speed":0}}'.
2018-08-06 19:06:41.633 Kodi: (Kodi_Salon) Handling message: '{"id":1002,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"live":false,"percentage":71.87725830078125,"speed":0}}'. 
its posible to not show this log messages?

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