Add Domoticz Turn on Radio Button

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Add Domoticz Turn on Radio Button

Post by Amsterdam020 » Thursday 12 January 2017 23:25

In Domoticz I added switches that starts and pauses radio channel in Kodi.
Turn on Radio.JPG
Turn on Radio.JPG (18.03 KiB) Viewed 1840 times
1) Add a Dummy under Hardware
2) Under switches, add manually a switch
3) Choose the Dummy you created in step 1. Switch Type On/Off. For the rest it does not matter what you select, as long as it does not exist elsewhere in domoticz
4) Add Device
5) Click on Edit of the newly created switchh
6) Paste the following at "On Action":
http://192.168.x.xx/jsonrpc?request={"j ... bb-mp3.m3u"}}}
Use the ipadress of your Kodi.
You can replace the url of the stream with another, find the url of your favourtie channel on (first test in a Mediaplayer, not all links work)
7) Off Action is to pause the stream:
http://192.168.x.xx/jsonrpc?request={%2 ... %22id%22:0}
(replace ip)
8) Save & enjoy listening!
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