Domoticz and WiFi extender SSID

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Domoticz and WiFi extender SSID

Post by binbo » Friday 22 June 2018 9:15

Hi guys,

I’ve added a WiFi extender to my network - I’ve given it the same name / ssid as my router - the idea being that devices can connect to the router or the extender depending on what is giving best signal.

BUT... I’ve found out that if a device is connected to the extender, and the domoticz pi is connected to router WiFi (which is always is) — I can’t access domoticz. (Like they are on different networks)

Can anyone give me any help.

Many thanks.


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Re: Domoticz and WiFi extender SSID

Post by snellejellep » Friday 22 June 2018 9:27

is the extender creating its own subnet and sending the traffic trough a firewall?
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Re: Domoticz and WiFi extender SSID

Post by EDsteve » Friday 22 June 2018 16:37

Which wifi extender are you using? Maybe you can send a screenshot from the routers network settings.
I had similar issues with the ESP Wifi repeater:

As snellejellep already mentioned. Some repeaters create a different subnet. In most cases you will have internet from both networks, but can't access the other network.

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