Airplanes and Domoticz :-)

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Airplanes and Domoticz :-)

Postby freijn » Tuesday 21 March 2017 0:18

More then a year ago I "build" my ADS-B receiver on my Raspberry ver. 1 to monitor airplanes flying in my country. Recently (dec last year)
I started with Domoticz in my house, running on a Rasp ver. 3.

Now I wrote a Python script to bind the two together. Counting airplanes flying less than 10 km from my house.
Usefull NO! Fun YES !! :-)


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Re: Airplanes and Domoticz :-)

Postby krizzz » Wednesday 22 March 2017 7:45

Looks like Fun! I see in your counter that on the top is is mentioning 2 planes and in the text within the sensor 5 planes. Is the number 5 the previous count?

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