DIY motion sensor for under €5

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DIY motion sensor for under €5

Post by theSpiked » Sunday 09 September 2018 21:03

I've made my own motion sensors for enabling motion based lights and I'd like to share my project with you guys!
Using ESP8266, HC-SR501 MQTT and Domoticz I've been able to create these sensors for under €5/piece, including a simple project box.


Please let me know what you think!

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Re: DIY motion sensor for under €5

Post by denman091 » Wednesday 19 September 2018 21:49

Hi, i have read your project and it looks very nice. But i'm a newbie in case of esp8266 and Mqtt. I think i'm going to buy the hardware and in the time it is send i will find out how Mqtt is working.

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Re: DIY motion sensor for under €5

Post by emme » Thursday 27 September 2018 14:00

good job!
Just wish to contribute with with 2 notes:

You use a specific node to store the last-seen value (timestamp)... why don't use context data instead and pass the value as it is?

the esp will send a new telegram ONLY if value changes.... your flow will switch off if it does not get a 1 anymore for 15min...
but if you still have movement... your node does not send 1 anymore and you get the flow switch off the variable even if it is not true...
I would suggest to keep the 1 and 0 values from the node and act by consequence, have then domoticz handle the time difference operation

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