send Message to Enigma 2 set top boxes

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send Message to Enigma 2 set top boxes

Post by lonebaggie » Saturday 09 September 2017 13:58

I have written a quick script to send a message to the TV screen via Enigma Set top box.

Create new User variable event and cut and paste the following script

Code: Select all

-- This script is used to send Messages to Enigma2 boxes
-- This script will trigger on any uservariables being changed
-- Place messages in string User variable  EnigmaMessage 
-- Once sent message will be removed from EnigmaMessage
-- If not running Enigma Scan remove Fuction split, table Vars  and amend variable Ip to be the IP address of Enigma2 box

-- Note to trigger switch Uservarible must be triggered by external Program or use Switch-Link

-- Version 1.0

-- Setup Variables
commandArray = {}

-- Set functions
function split(pString, pPattern)
    local Table = {}  
    local fpat = "(.-)" .. pPattern
    local last_end = 1
    local s, e, cap = pString:find(fpat, 1)
    while s do
        if s ~= 1 or cap ~= "" then
        last_end = e+1
        s, e, cap = pString:find(fpat, last_end)
    if last_end <= #pString then
        cap = pString:sub(last_end)
        table.insert(Table, cap)
   return Table
-- Set Variables 

-- Remove following two lines if not running Enigma-Scan
-- REplace with ip = "ip of Enigma 2 box"
Vars = split(uservariables["EnigmaParams"],"|")
ip = Vars[1]
message  = uservariables["EnigmaMessage"]

-- Start Program

print("Start Enigma Message")
if message ~= nul then
    url = ("http://" .. ip .. "/web/message?text=" .. message .. "&type=1&timeout=15")
    url = string.gsub(url, " ", "%%20")
    commandArray[1]={["OpenURL"] = url}
    message = ""
    commandArray[2]={["Variable:EnigmaMessage"] = message}
return commandArray  
If you are not running my previous enigma scripts viewtopic.php?f=38&t=16866 remove and amend the lines indicated in the script.

The script will only be called when the User variables updates. This is normally from an external programs via Json. Updating from commandarray or from within Domoticz will not trigger User Variable scripts . However I have also written script-link which allows you to link switches to User variables which will trigger scripts see


For set messages on switches you could also use the http notification option see

viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13217&p=124071&hili ... a2#p124071

Hope this proves useful

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