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Re: Domoticz app 2.0

Post by galadril » Wednesday 20 June 2018 9:49

Can everybody that like to translate please help us on Crowndin to get all the languages complete?

Translations needed:
Bulgarian (22%)
Catalan (49%)
Danish (61%)
Hebrew (12%)
Norwegian (67%)
Turkish (60%)

New translations needed:
Greek(0%) -> added on request
Croatian(0%) -> added on request
Hebrew(0%) -> added on request
Persian (0%) -> added on request
Serbian (0%) -> added on request
Romanian (0%) -> added on request

Thanks in advance for all the effort put in to these translations!!
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Re: Domoticz app 2.0

Post by Flappie » Thursday 21 June 2018 11:09

Is it possible to sort the groups and scenes in the Android app like it's on the webpage?
There is an setting to sort it like the Dashboard. That works for the dashboard, switches, plans and all other pages but doesn't work for scenes and groups. Is this a bug in the app?

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Re: Domoticz app 2.0

Post by Yannick55 » Saturday 23 June 2018 12:14


There seems to be a bug with the "door switch" in the app, since domoticz has made a difference between "door switch" and "door contact".

The icon and slider of the door switch always stays "on" in the app, no mather if the door is locked or unlocked. This is in contrast with how it went before there was a distinct between "door switch" and "door contact".

That is off course not a big problem, but problems happen when i switch from the Unlocked state back to Locked state in the app. The command which has to be executed (I have a virtual switch which controls my door through a script) is not being executed.

In domoticz status things work fine so I think it has something to do with the always on state. Is that possible? And is it easy to fix it?

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Re: Domoticz app 2.0

Post by sdmg » Wednesday 27 June 2018 23:45

There is a problem with the log, it is only displayed if in domoticz it is activated as normal. If it is in status, nothing appears on the phone.

I feel the translation.

Greetings and thanks for the work.

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Re: Domoticz app 2.0

Post by sailmich » Monday 09 July 2018 18:44

Language in Domoticz and app is set to German.
I have some blinds. As you can see on screenshot, status is open and I got "an" and "aus" which is on and off in English. First why I don't get "offen" instead of open? Second when status of a blind is open I suggest it would make more sense to label switches up and down instead of on and off. I never know if I should hit "an" or "aus" to close or open my blinds.
Is that because the app doesn't make a difference between light switches and blinds?
If I can help somehow with translation let me know.
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