Voice for IoT (Home Automation Voice Commands)

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Voice for IoT (Home Automation Voice Commands)

Post by Javier » Thursday 29 March 2018 7:58

Hi All,

It's been a while but I have updated the Home Automation Voice Commands Project (Tasker) to a native android app. The app includes a back end service to extend Cloud Messaging which will allow for simulated direct commands for both the Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortona via IFTTT. This version of the app has both a free and paid version, paid version needed as I have to recover costs for the back end server. The free version includes up to 5 linked devices. I still need a few beta testers so I will give away 5 free promo codes to the first people to request them.

To include Cloud Messaging in the app Google Firebase Cloud librarys are included. Firebase collects anonymized analytics data. Any data sent to the included Cloud Message Web Serve is not stored nor do I index or store any device keys. In other words your privacy is important and I will not collect or store any information sent to the back end server. The app can also be used with AutoVoice and AutoRemote via Tasker intent, which will eliminate the need to use the included Cloud message Web Server from IFTTT.

The app supports both local and remote connections. Remote connections directly from the app requires a valid Cert. If an android device is setup to receive Cloud Messages from the Cloud Message Web Server and is left on the local network then commands can be issued from and Assistant (Google/Cortana) from outside the local network without a Cert.

The app still supports chained commands and the Spokens can be translated into any language supported by Google (or Microsoft if using Cortana).

Amazon Alexa can only be implemented via the AutoVoice Skill. I may build a skill which links directly to the app in the future.

Video Links:

https://voiceforiot.wordpress.com (I have VoiceForIot.com registered but to save costs it is not linked to website as of today, support@voiceforiot.com is functional.)

Google Play:
Free Version https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... oriot.demo

Paid Version https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... oiceforiot

Cloud Message Web Server instructions:
https://voiceforiot.wordpress.com/cloud ... droid-app/

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