Domoticz Lite local server configuration problem

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Domoticz Lite local server configuration problem

Post by plantex » Monday 30 October 2017 22:03

I have a Domoticz on Rpi in my local network 192.168.1.xx:8080 I can access it from my PC in local network by e.g. firefox.

I was trying to start the Domoticz Lite (android) app but I cannot setup connection - it's giving me no handshake.
I am typing my local IP leaving general server settings empty - system says I am missing data.
What should I put there ??? just the ip or https:// before .....What I am doing wrong ???
Could someone show a screenshot with settings showing local and global settings please.

P.s.: Imperihome works fine on port 3003, mydomoticz account works perfectly, local pc ok ...only android sucks.


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