Imperihome USB camera problem

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Imperihome USB camera problem

Post by lukcinek » Wednesday 12 April 2017 1:51


I try to use cheap USB camera in Domoticz and I have a problem...

I have 4 raspberry and Domoticz system installed on everyone.

I use one raspberry as a server and 3 as Domoticz - Remote Servers (slaves).

To one of my slave raspberry I attached USB camera and configure it (uvccapture).

I add my new camera to my slave Domoticz and next I add camera to my Server Domoticz system - at this point everything works fine.

When I open Imperihome on my Wifi network and select my new camera everything is ok and I see the stream but..
When I open Imperihome when I'am on another network when I try to open my camera - there is only black screen and little circle is spinning in upper right corner.

Mayby someone had the same problem?
Best regards

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