Danalock V2

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Danalock V2

Post by losholmen » Sunday 05 February 2017 20:41

hello is there anybody who has the solution how to control DanaLock from domoticz?

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Re: Danalock V2

Post by PABben » Tuesday 28 February 2017 17:02

I updated to beta (3.6801) and did a har reset on my controller. It's working now, but it's not synced.

I get one device i can use to lock/unlock, but if i lock/unlock manually or by using the app, i get 3 other readings that just get refreshed

Edit: After re-calibrating the lock using the app, and change variable 12 to "simple", it now does return lock/unlock status even when using manual or key.

Relevant settings:
9: Turn and Go: ON
11: Async: OFF
12: Door lock operation report type: Simple

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