Directory iOS App

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Directory iOS App

Post by gegges » Sunday 19 November 2017 9:38


I want to use the app "Domoticz - Home Automation - By Mark Heinis" on my iPad.
I have to fill in the directory. I don´t find a description about that.
I tried "/home/pi/domoticz/" - its not working.

Has anybody exeperince about that?

Thx´s gegges
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Re: Directory iOS App

Post by koowee » Sunday 19 November 2017 10:00


try to leave this "directory" area empty. I just checked this setting from my iPhone and I haven't put anything to this area

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Directory iOS App

Post by steege2 » Tuesday 21 November 2017 23:38

Why would you use a separate app? Just put a shortcut to your installation on your homescreen. It acts like an app.

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