Homebridge-domoticz blinds handle

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Homebridge-domoticz blinds handle

Post by emme » Wednesday 07 September 2016 11:36


I've got some problem with blinds with Eve and Homebridge on a rbpi3 with SDImage and running the latest beta:

I'm using fibaro roller shutter 2, configured in domoticz as blinds with position and they works fine (they are recognized as ON/OFF but should be replaced with CLOSE/OPEN but it's not a big deal)

in Homebridge they are recognized as normal switches with no position.

I've read that switchtypeval should be set to 13... but unfortunately I'm unclear.... WHERE to do that! :cry: :oops:
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Re: Homebridge-domoticz blinds handle

Post by Marci » Sunday 25 September 2016 23:16

as per q&a section of first post in the homeBridge-eDomoticz thread, post JSON output for your device to the GitHub issues page for the homeBridge-eDomoticz plugin.
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