sq11 usb camera

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sq11 usb camera

Post by Aturum » Friday 09 March 2018 22:27

Good day to all.

This is my first post in the Domoticz forums, too bad it has to be a help request (i managed to survive until now with just the wiki and some posts)... First of all, yes, i did checked out all the camera's posts looking for my problem, but it looks like it is not here (or i couldn't find it). There i go:

I just recieved an SQ11 chineese camera to test its quality. Starting at the main Windows computer, and looks like it works perfectly. Then i changed to the rPi, and tried to set it as the camera, but problems started here. Reading the USB Camera section in the wiki, i found that you have to install the uvccapture, and then test it. Well... i allways get an error (ioctl querycontrol error 22). Then i moved to test it with fswebcam, and looks like it works fine, i can get a picture with no problem (at first, now it gives me bad pictures, but at least i get something). Also, when trying to add the camera in the server, filling everything as the wiki said, both using 192.168.*.* and "localhost" (and adding fake user and password to the url as it was sugested in some posts) it says all the time "Please enter an address!"

So here are my questions:
-Does anyone know how to correctly connect the USB camera to get something with the uvccapture in this particulary model?
-Is there an option to use fswebcam instead of uvccapture?

The camera is working, since fswebcam is giving me some pictures so... am i doing anything wrong?

Thank you in advance, and i'm sorry if this was already asked before, if so, i wasn't able to find it.

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