camera only one snapshot

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camera only one snapshot

Post by markjgabb » Thursday 03 August 2017 23:06

hi guys a have a question for the people who had issues with only getting one snapshot in there camera setup....

my current setup has me with a provision ip camera, which ive confirmed the JPEG URL is http/<ipaddress>/GetSnapshot (capital letters included)
in my browser it works fine
ive also got it fed to the securitycam addin for kodi which also works....

however if i click on the stream button in domoticz, i get a picture then it seems like it cant refresh it, but it always has new correct image the first time you open it as the time stamp is correct

some times it will even work for 2 seconds or so...then go to broken it possible to have a selector or something for refresh speed perhaps?
V 3.8153 RPI 3
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