Amcrest Camera

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Amcrest Camera

Post by amercat37 » Friday 27 January 2017 18:30

I've been using a Foscam IP camera for a long time now with no problems. The jpeg url format is:
My Foscam just died and I purchased a new Amcrest IP2M-841. The jpeg url format is:

Is there any way to add the username:password@ into the ip address string in Domoticz. I would like to get this camera integrated.


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Re: Amcrest Camera

Post by 98ksxj » Friday 14 July 2017 5:57

Did you ever get this to work?

I found this to help get the proper link and I can pull it up in a browser but Domoticz does not see it.

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Re: Amcrest Camera

Post by ettore1969 » Monday 24 July 2017 22:45


I have the same camera and for long time I was not able to use it into Domoticz even trying all the different setting suggested in the website Ispyconnect.

Reading around in the forum, if I understand correctly Domoticz is actually only managing the MJPEG Encoding and not the newest H264 Encoding.

Reading in the Amcrest firmware change log I found that latest available firmwares removed the MJPEG flux, so in order to get it working under Domoticz I put the last MJPEG firmware available that in my case is the following:

Software Version 2.420.AC00.11.R, build : 2016-01-06

In Domoticz, under Camera Setting, I set the following:

Enabled: V
Name: Amcrest HD
IP Address: ip address of the camera
Port: 80
Username: admin
Password: password for admin user
Image URL: cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?1

And with this setting I can confirm I'm able to get the camera image inside Domoticz.

I hope my suggestion can help you.

Greeting from Italy

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