Motorola Hubble Camera (FOCUS66)

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Motorola Hubble Camera (FOCUS66)

Post by Ittiz » Monday 23 January 2017 5:58

I was digging around in a bucket of discarded electronics hoping to find an old smartphone I could adapt to a Camera for Domoticz. Instead I found an old Motorola Hubble Camera my wife got and discarded after it didn't prove to be useful. I also quickly found a forum where people had successfully broken into the cam to use it for their own purposes. Using their info I found this cam is pretty ideal for Domoticz. I was able to find the RTSP stream as well as the current frame image. On top of that, the camera has a thermometer which I was able to write a quick lua script for to get it as a thermometer in Domoticz. The one caveat was I had to sign up for their stupid service (free) to connect to the camera with a smartphone using Bluetooth, once you do that you can set the Wifi settings of your network into the camera since it has no ethernet connection. Then once I completed that I blocked the camera from being able to communicate outside my network and deleted the app from my phone, otherwise it would be constantly streaming to their server. Now there may be computer clients to do this via Bluetooth I don't know, the company we got the cam from only provided an app for the phone as far as I could tell. A side note here is after you block its connection its status light will flash red all the time, that's fine it just means it can't talk to the server. I covered mine with black electrical tape. Here's the info for connecting the cam to Domoticz once it's on your network:

Address for the jpg "stream":
http://<camera IP>/cgi/jpg/image.cgi
Address for the HTTP Poller Dummy Thermometer:
http://<camera IP>/?action=command&command=value_temperature
RTSP stream if you want it:
rtsp://<camera IP>:6667/blinkhd
RTSP may require user and pass depending on firmware:
rtsp://user:pass@<camera IP>:6667/blinkhd
and yes the user and password for the camera are user and pass!

Lua Code for the HTTP Poller:

Code: Select all

-- Retrieve the request content
s = request['content'];

local temp = string.sub(s, 19, 23) -- get the temp out of the returned string
--print(temp)  -- debug
domoticz_updateDevice(48,"0",temp)  -- dummy thermometer likes svalue not nvalue.

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Re: Motorola Hubble Camera (FOCUS66)

Post by geezerrr » Thursday 05 October 2017 21:17

Found your post today! Very coolImage. I’m using a Motorola Hubble baby cam (mbp854 connect) I found out the stream url quite some time ago as well but the temperature I didn’t know. But I’m not getting it in Domoticz.. I created a dummy temp sensor but the request[‘content’]; isn’t working? Can you post a copy of your script of how you transfer the temp value to domoticz?

my script is now as following

Code: Select all

commandArray = {}

babytemp = request[''];

local temp = string.sub(babytemp, 20, 23) -- get the temp out of the returned string
-- print(temp)  -- debug
domoticz_updateDevice(703,"0",temp)  -- dummy thermometer likes svalue not nvalue.

return commandArray
the error i get is: [string "commandArray = {}..."]:4: attempt to index global 'request' (a nil value)

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