Control Thermosmart thermostat

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Re: Control Thermosmart thermostat

Post by Bikey » Monday 08 May 2017 10:04

paultie wrote:Just kicking this one up since this is where the integration of the thermosmart was born :D

Since a few weeks I am having troubles with the pause feature.
Apperently when sending a pause switch command it takes a while to process towards the thermosmart backend. If in that time domoticz retreives the status of the thermostat pause it resets is to the off value.

I see domoticz is updating the status of all its elements with thermosmart every 30 seconds. Isn't that to often?
I think every 60 seconds should be more than sufficient.

Does anyone know if this is changeable somewhere?

This might solve the issues for me.
I tested this, and indeed sometimes (not Always) the pause is reset after e.g. 10 or 15 seconds. So this seems to be a bug.

I doubt however if that is because the Thermosmart backend takes a while to process the request, because if you look in the ThermoSmart mobile App, it almost instantly updates its status if the pause button is pushed in Domoticz.

Also even if this would be the case, increasing the polling interval from Domoticz would not solve the issue, just decrease the change of it hapening.

I don't know how it is implemented currently, but I think the best way to handle this would be that upon pressing the "Pause" button, Domoticz should:
  1. stop polling for the status
  2. send the pause command to ThermoSmart backend and
  3. upon receiving an acknowledge of this command, update the web interface and
  4. then start polling againg after 30 or 60 seconds.
I think detailed debug logging is needed to see where the problem is (introduced).

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Re: Control Thermosmart thermostat

Post by Sicco28 » Wednesday 21 March 2018 13:16

gizmocuz wrote:
Saturday 05 December 2015 9:45
pauze and unpauze is now working in the latest beta, and you can also specify your own outdoor temperature sensor from the hardware settings page
Hi Rob,

Would you be able to support and get another 'indoor temperature' sensor selected here as well? The Thermosmart internal temperature sensor is a little jumpy, hence linking to an alternative temperature sensors would be an excellent. From Thermosmart API documentation, this is supported: { "room_temperature":<temp> }

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