Project : Plugin for a real an full Aircon control by IR

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Project : Plugin for a real an full Aircon control by IR

Post by Erwanweb » Sunday 11 November 2018 9:44

i am from one manufacturer of control systems, heat pump and aircon.

For now, I saw that nothing work really well, easily, and for cheap price with aircon.

All brand have her own solution, more or less easy to control and using with domoticz, but not a global solution working with all brand, and with easy prog or script, and for cheap price.

With Friends and colleagues, we tried the actuals solutions that can (on the paper) work, and with several brands, but as the RM or RMMini of Broadlink or the Zwave to IR of Remotec for example , there is not really easy and good solutions for aircons i think. And that offer a full control of the aircon (I uninstalled everything and put in stock on the shelf) :o

It si why we develop this during our weekend ;-) :idea:
In the bigining we start from one solution we already have. it was used for industrial and commercial applications that ask for a central control system, but for cheap price, and working with different brands in same building...

Now, for Aircon controls and DIY systems, We have one solution that work with 99% of aircon that have one IR remote (I write 99% because we have not really all IR codes of all, but main of the brands are ok).
It is based on universal IR Aircon remote control, and a local server, all in Wifi. it offer full control as on/off, mode, setpoint, airflow, air direction...etc, all as the offical IR remote of the aircon.

But for one easy integration in domoticz (the one I use in my own house), i will need help for making a plugin for that. But i need to find a small team for that, i cannot do it alone and by myself.

Of course for first step, in this project, it is only for controlling well the aircon by IR with domoticz (on/off, mode, setpoint, airflow, air direction...etc), that can change the life of a lot of us i think.

Second step will be making one plugin that offer Presence detection, several setpoints as Confort, Eco, Away...etc.

If there is ones that know well python or other for making plugins like this, i am here for sharing informations about this project ;-)

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