Control infrared heating panels + AC (IntesisHome)

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Control infrared heating panels + AC (IntesisHome)

Post by Sway06 » Friday 10 August 2018 5:59

Hello Domoticzians,

I am a new member on this forum and started my first home automation project with a combination of Raspberry pi 3, Rfxtrx433e, Xiaomi Mi Gateway when it comes to hardware. I started to control lights/wall plugs with 433mhz devices since it’s cheap and I don’t feel like I need to extract more information than knowing if it’s ON or OFF so that part suits me well. For security, I am using Xiaomi smart home devices like motion sensors, smoke detector and will later on connect IP outdoor cameras.

Now I have changed my main heating system to infrared heating panels in each room, combined with an AC that makes warm air circulate inside the house.

I am looking for 2 things:

1. To embed my AC in Domoticz so I can control it there. It’s a Panasonic one and I am already using Intesishome to control it wirelessly at home and outside home with my phone. I know IntesisHome makes the API available for developers but I am not much into coding so far so I was wondering if someone here has managed to embed Intesishome into Domoticz and how?

2. I would like to control my heating panels wirelessly from/outside home. Each panel (or max 2 panels) are connected to a thermostate and then the thermostate is connected to a wall plug. Panels cannot be ON for an extended time and that is the reason why there are connected to a thermostate (+ saving energy). I have been thinking a lot and I believe that if I want to start controlling those, I will need to either change thermostate type for a type that offers wireless remote connection or another solution would be to get rid of the thermostates and connect the panels directly to a wall plug. The second option might be cheaper and more suitable to the setup I already have for home automation. Would it be possible to combine the following setup?

- Connect panel directly to 433mhz wall plug devices so they can be controlled from distance by switching them ON/OFF.

- Place Xiaomi temperature sensors in each room where panels are installed

- Create automation in Domoticz using following suggestions:
IF temp sensor <19 degrees = wall plug ON
IF temp sensor >21 degrees = wall plug OFF

What do you think? Would that be a good solution?

Thanks in advance for your insights and please continue the awesome work that you guys do, it’s really needed and recognized.

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Re: Control infrared heating panels + AC (IntesisHome)

Post by Philos31 » Monday 29 October 2018 21:01

I have a IR panel in the bathroom that I controll with domoticz.
It switches on at 6 in the morning only when we are home (looks for phones) and if temperature is <19, it switches on and off untill 7:30 and then switches off.
RasPi2/KaKu/HUE/Xiaomi/Z-Wave/Nuki/Daikin 3,5kw Ururu Sarara/IR Heating Panels all working together with domoticz

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