Keeping Toon hacked

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Keeping Toon hacked

Post by alitrix » Monday 02 April 2018 11:47

Hi everyone,

After a few upgrades, it started to annoy me that some configs are overwritten, causing SSH or the web URL to break and/or not accessible.

So I made a small script, that should be placed in /etc/inittab which will be executed on every restart.
You can find the script here:

The bash script is really simple:
  • Check if SSH is commented in /etc/default/iptables.conf, if so, remove the comment and restart iptable
  • Check if hdrz_zwave is inside /HCBv2/etc/qmf_release.conf, if so, replace with /HCBv2/www and disbable whitelist and kill lighthttpd
Let me know if you like these scripts and/or if modifications are needed

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Re: Keeping Toon hacked

Post by brommetje » Monday 02 April 2018 16:13

Useful script, thanks.

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