Maxcube EQ3 Max!

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Maxcube EQ3 Max!

Post by twimpy » Wednesday 14 February 2018 15:50

I am not a developer but found a some interesting links on a Homey forum.
I know there is another topic EQ3 max but for me it is very buggy and difficult to install.
Maybe this is news maxcube posted some java scripts on git hub to make it more easy to get the data from the Maxcube to intergrade with other software.
I am writing this hoping some Domoticz developer can do something with it. Or help me to find the right direction to implement it.
I think it would be very nice when it is added to Domoticz hardware. When so I surely want to be an tester for it!
Just take a look at below links maybe it is not so difficult anymore.. ... ib-maxcube

I managed to install the software and I am able to start the maxcube cli.

2018-02-16 10_10_59-1. root@
2018-02-16 10_10_59-1. root@ (39.94 KiB) Viewed 762 times

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