Zoneheating with Nefit Boiler

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Zoneheating with Nefit Boiler

Post by dijkdj » Monday 30 October 2017 11:24

A seperate temperature/themorstat in 3 rooms, living, office 1, office 2

I would like to not heat the living when no-one is there, but now that is needed because that is where the thermostat lives.

When no-one is in the living and the offices are used, I like to heat them both until setpoint is achieved.


House: 3 stories.
Ground floor: Office 1, 3 radiators , only used by day
first floor: Living with thermostat and 3 radiators: used by night and on tuesday and friday when someone is home with the kids
second floor: Sleeping rooms

Garage: Office 2, 2 radiators

All are connected by the same Nefit heating system with radiators.

*9 Radiator valves (Stella Z)

I just wanted to buy a Nefit Easy, but canceled it because of 2 reasons.
*Annouced successor, possible supporting zoneheating (for the future)
*I understand that an on/off system makes more sense with zoneheating the modulating

What thermostat makes the most sense in this situation?
Can I use a modulating thermostat in the living and still be able to use zoneheating?
Can I tell a smart modulating thermostat in the living to heat (for the offices) and ignore the roomtemperature in the living?

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Re: Zoneheating with Nefit Boiler

Post by WillemNL » Sunday 26 November 2017 14:17

I am using a Nefit boiler in combination with the Honeywell Evohome system wiht 8 zones and this works well.

Allmost all radiators are fitted with thermostatic valves, in every room at least one with an HR92 controller. Didn't want an Easy thermostat because of exact the same reasons you have. I use the modulating mode from the Evohome, connection to the Nefit boiler (TrendLine HRC30 CW5 II) via the Nefit EMS - OpenTherm converter.
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