Evohome dummy-zone for Outside Temp

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Evohome dummy-zone for Outside Temp

Post by philchillbill » Monday 30 October 2017 7:24

On the older Evotouch you could display the outside temp in the status line on the display but this is (sadly) not possible on the newer native-WiFi version. If you have a HGI80 and are not using all 12 zones in your system, you could create a dummy zone called 'Outside' and bind a temperature sensor to it. It might even be possible to hijack the unused DHW temp display if you have a combi-boiler and are not using Domoticz for DHW (I'm not).

I guess the problem with this is that it would be a controlled-zone in Evohome's mind and it would need a setpoint and would likely even generate heat-demand. Setting the 'outside' set-point to the minimum of 5 deg would be fine in the summer because the measured outside temp would (hopefully!) be higher and no heat demand would be generated but in the winter if it's (say) -5 outside then there would be redundant heat demand. Or am I reasoning incorrectly?

Just curious if anybody ever played with this idea?
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