Honeywell Zwave thermostat

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Honeywell Zwave thermostat

Post by sundansx » Tuesday 30 May 2017 8:44

I have a Honewell ZWave thermostat that I am trying to setup... hardware is as follows:
Running domoticz V3.7546 beta under Windows 7
When it is added it produces several items under the device list:
Thermostat Fan Mode General Thermostat Fan Mode Auto Low
Thermostat Mode General Thermostat Mode
Heating 1 Thermostat SetPoint
Cooling 1 Thermostat SetPoint
Furnace Thermostat SetPoint
Dry Air Thermostat SetPoint
When added to the interface via devices, the setpoints seem to provide a resonable control interface when the little flame icon is selected. But, the Modes devices provide tiles, that do nothing when the little circular icon is selected. I want to be able to select, cool, heat, off, etc., but cannot seem to. Also, is there some sort of composite tile that will put all of these controls together?

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Re: Honeywell Zwave thermostat

Post by BCrippsy38 » Thursday 22 February 2018 0:08

did you ever get the thermostat configured the way you wanted it?

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