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Re: Evohome controlling

Post by mschut » Friday 19 May 2017 21:52

I am running on the latest beta for a while now and it seems it is working without issues (knock on wood). Or at least, it continues wordking already for I would guess at least 2 weeks. Really, really glad indeed.

The only issue I could have noticed (i didn't drill down my logs enough to be certain), is switching my Evohome status (e.g. from Away to Home) by a json command, and it being switched back again (perhaps it didnt arrive well enough and the controller told Domoticz again it was Away, which it shouldnt). Anyway, I realise explaining this situation is hard enough to be logical, ony if I am certain I still do have a small issue, I would report here again. For now, I am enjoying the possibility to control my Evohome by my Domoticz setup.

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