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Intertechno codes

Post by KlausR » Wednesday 23 August 2017 10:54

Hello to all,
my first post here, being a complete newbie to home automation esp.domoticz, linux, raspberry. But what i almost got is a Openmediavault (OMV) system on RPi with domoticz running as a service. 433-transmitter is attached at GPIO17. Now I'd like to integrate my 16 Intertechno clone switches (configured by Dips). They all are in same intertechno home code ("H"), so i can easily switch all of them with my intertechno ITS-150 remote control.

I succeded with H15 by these steps:
1. created a Dummy in Hardware and created a virtual sensor as switch
2. This switch sends "script:///433Utils/RPi_utils/send 00011 4 1"
Works fine!

Intertechno code for H15 is 0111:1110, corresponding ELRO code is 00011:00010 (found it at Translated to "send" format results in "00011 4".

So, here's my problem: How to translate e.g. H13 00011:10010?
"Send" format just seems to work with unit code from 10000 to 00001

Thanx for Your help in advance!

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