Active low relays

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Active low relays

Post by DasK » Friday 02 June 2017 20:45

I'm using a relay board wired to the raspberry gpio to drive some lights in my living room. As many relay boards is active low so I came here to see how to configure it and I found some crazy stuff like soldering things in the board, breaking tracks.... I knew I didn't have to touch the hardware.
I did some research in the wiring pi site, and when you export a pin (in order to use it with domoticz for example) the export creates a folder in /sys/class/gpio/gpio17/ (o the actual BCM pin you are using). Inside this folder you have a file call active_low with a written 0. You only have to change that 0 for an 1.
I updated the wiki. If there is some errors or typos, please feel free to fix it. (or if you find a more elegant way to do it, since I don't really like the "sudo sh -c" but I don't know a better way to do it) ... low_relays

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