Udoo Quad GPIO

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Udoo Quad GPIO

Post by Ewaldharmsen » Saturday 25 February 2017 9:42

Hi All,

I run domoticz on a Udoo Quad.
I want to use the GPIO's of that but all the manuals are written for raspberry.
Anyone an idea if it is possible to use 1 wire device for that in Domoticz?

I use pin 7 for a relay, it has the path /sys/class/gpio/gpio42/
But if I add a 1-wire device in hardware with the path /sys/class/gpio/gpio42/ it does not show up in devices.

I can use the pin from commandline with these commands: “echo 0 > /gpio/pin25/value” “echo 1 > /gpio/pin25/value”

Anyone an idea?

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