getting a slave domoticz to ....

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getting a slave domoticz to ....

Post by krommetje3108 » Monday 14 November 2016 18:21

Hi all,

about 10years ago I started with HA with X10, K8000 and powerhome. Now I have domoticz on a pi running on zwave, so on Domoticz I am a newbie.

Would it be possible to get a slave domoticz on a second pi to see 5 switches (magnetic contacts in doors) connected to 5 gpio ports and send thier status to the main domoticz? (The magnetc switches are already there, they were connected to the K8000 on powerhome.) or is it better to make a python script?

I see a lot of schematics, most of them involve a 10k resistor to the GPIO for pull-up and the negative being switched however on this site I see another schematic where a 1k resistor is connected with the switch in series in the negative. Which is better?


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