Easy way to get z-wave node last seen info...

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Easy way to get z-wave node last seen info...

Post by lost » Monday 08 January 2018 15:40


Would be nice to be able to get the last seen info that can be read in hardware tab, under z-wave controller, for each included nodes, in Lua tables...

At the moment, this info can indeed be retrieved using :
http://localhost:8080/json.htm?type=ope ... odes&idx=2

And parsing json to get nodes LastUpdate info.

At 1st sight, this looks mis-labelled compared to a Lua otherdevices_lastupdate[device] info (i.e. last time a device changed state, not last seen by z-wave controller), but hereupper json API really returns last seen info.

An easier way to retrieve this (on a node idx/name basis, I suggest a otherdevices_lastseen[device]) without having to parse a global z-wave controller json response would help writing some device sanity check scripts.


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Re: Easy way to get z-wave node last seen info...

Post by Ady92100 » Thursday 11 January 2018 14:41

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