Event Tracking Swim Lanes

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Event Tracking Swim Lanes

Post by Gambit » Tuesday 05 September 2017 16:14

One of issues I have is trying to see quickly a range of events across mulitple different devices. The only way I know of seeing different devices would be to look at the logs of each device, would be nice if was some way to combine devices and assign shading to the number of events triggered in that time frame, something like attached. Shows the events across multiple devices
2017-09-05 14_57_33.png
2017-09-05 14_57_33.png (80.92 KiB) Viewed 282 times
maybe be linked to an option in notifications to add a notification to a swimlane.
2017-09-05 15_07_06.png
2017-09-05 15_07_06.png (13.21 KiB) Viewed 282 times

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