Custom graph -> utility with bars

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Custom graph -> utility with bars

Post by dk78 » Thursday 24 August 2017 11:54

Hello Domoticz,

I was wondering if it's possible to create a custom (bar) graph on the 'Utility' tab, like the custom graph on the 'Temperature' tab. I want to see my power consumption from the power meters and the P1 smart meter in one graph. So I can see what the total consumption is (P1 smart meter) and how much consumption from that is from the 'known devices'. Then I can see how much power is 'unknown' in my house.

I'm trying to do this with Excel at the moment, but this takes a lot of time because I can't combine them in one export and have to copy + paste it. I have a washing machine, a dryer, dishwasher, my TV corner with multimedia equipment, computerroom and a refrigerator with a 'Power meter'.

Don't know if it's possible yet of someone has created something for this, but otherwise it is a 'feature request'.

Best regards,

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Re: Custom graph -> utility with bars

Post by Number8 » Sunday 03 September 2017 7:07

Why don't you use influxdb and grafana?

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