New switchtype "off-on" in Domoticz

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New switchtype "off-on" in Domoticz

Post by pa3sk » Monday 07 August 2017 2:17

Hi Domoticz forum,

I am using a klik-on klik-off transmitter AWMT-230 to monitor the lightswitch of the toilet room. This transmitter is normally places in parallel to the switchcontact, and therefor also in series with the (LED) bulb. This means that when you switch on the light, the voltage to the transmitter is 0V, and when the light is out, the mains voltage is devided between the transmitter and the LED bulb. This causes that this LED bulb will keep faintly burning when the light is switched off, this is annoying, and a not very green solution!

230V ~ ________|______| |_______|_______(>|)_______ 0V
| | lamp
|__< transmitter>____|

I have solved this problem by connecting the transmitter in parallel to the LED lamp. The drawback is that this transmitter is telling me that the light is on, when in fact the light is out, and vice versa. I think that I am not the only one that has used this trick...

To get things correct again, it would be nice if there was a possibility to add an inverted on-off switch type in domoticz, more a off-on type, that works opposite to the normal on-of switch.

Has somone an idea how to fix this ?

Thanks !

Sef Konings

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Re: New switchtype "off-on" in Domoticz

Post by niceandeasy » Thursday 10 August 2017 16:31

Quite a lot of domotica hardware is not compatible with the very low power usage of a led-lamp. Some brands even sell 'shunt' devices that need to be connected in parallel with the led lamp, to make them use a bit more power, so there will be just enough current for the serially connected device to do its work. Using another kind of led lamp might help. Usually, the more expensive bulbs play nicer with domotica hardware. Some of the smaller cheaper LED lamps already light up a bit when just connected to neutral and a long open-ended switch wire, because of inductive coupling from live wires in the same conduit.

Your alternate way of connecting this device to your lamp circuit is very smart. On this way, you are sure that lamp and device will not use any power when off.

Your proposal for a new switch-type for this, because it needs to be inverted is very useful to make it work correctly, together with your alternate way of connecting. Maybe a new switch-type is not even necessary, if the existing one could be expanded with a little 'inverted'-checkbox.

Until that, you could create a dummy switch and use blockly/LUA to make it turn off when that device turns on and make it turn on when the device turns off. Keep the dummy on your Domoticz GUI and hide the device.

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Re: New switchtype "off-on" in Domoticz

Post by mjdb » Thursday 10 August 2017 19:23

As you surely have read the documentation says that the AWMT-230 is not for led lights.

I use an alternative for monitoring if power is On: ... 38&t=18756

It does the trick of the inverted state.
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