Make reports for switches available

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Make reports for switches available

Post by rickvanakkeren » Monday 13 February 2017 14:14

Hi Domoticz users and developers,

Past few months I played a lot with Domoticz and I really like it. I have some suggestions for improvement. I will open different topics for them.

One of the suggestions is to make reports available for switches. By for example elektricity, I can look back each day for the amount of energy used. For some of the switches, I am very interested in how many hours they were switched on during the day.

Thank you,


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Re: Make reports for switches available

Post by SweetPants » Monday 13 February 2017 18:47

I like this suggestion. Makes it easier for me to know how long my CV pump was on every day. Because it has a constant usage I don't have to use a separate energy meter anymore.
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Re: Make reports for switches available

Post by JelteV » Sunday 03 September 2017 19:17

You can do this already.
Make a dummy meter and fill it with a dvents script

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