Moon phase

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Re: Moon phase

Post by elmortero » Wednesday 13 September 2017 22:50

You could also skip the second IF.
If moonriseHour is nil then moonriseMinutes is also nil so:

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if moonriseHour == nil then 
moonriseHour = '--'
moonriseMinute = '--'

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Re: Moon phase

Post by timyboyb » Saturday 23 December 2017 23:49


Try to get this moonphase script working but the script is not reading the API. When I call it the results are OK but Domoticz is not adjusting the virtual devices. Any ideas?
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Re: Moon phase

Post by florisi » Sunday 11 February 2018 18:38


installed the MoonPhase LUA scripts.
All variables are getting the right values but I can't get a picture on my dashboard.

What I'm doing wrong.

Here is a part of my config:

config['idx_moonpicture'] = 1; //idx of variable MoonPicture
buttons.moon = {width:12, isimage:true, refreshimage:60000, image: 'moon'}

var columns = {}
columns['bar'] = {}
columns['bar']['blocks'] = ['logo','miniclock','settings']

columns[1] = {}
columns[1]['blocks'] = ['currentweather_big','weather','garbage', buttons.moon,]
columns[1]['width'] = 6;

The does show up.

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Re: Moon phase

Post by ycahome » Thursday 15 February 2018 16:43

Yihaaa wrote:
Friday 19 July 2013 20:25
Hereby my suggestion to add a "moon phase" feature.
On a lot a standard weather stations the phase of the moon can be seen and it looks me a good idea that it would be nice to have this implemented also in Domoticz 8-)

just got into your suggestion post.

Checkout a plugin with similar functionality ... 65&t=21993

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