Zwave plug modules £15 a piece

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Zwave plug modules £15 a piece

Postby chrisfraser05 » Wednesday 11 January 2017 21:25


been lurking here for over a year but only just registered so I'd better do my bit. are selling the Greenwave plug/appliance modules for as low as £15 each when bought in bulk (10 to get that price).
Considering normally you pay min double that I think its a good deal.

I have 12 of them and can confirm they are good.

You have to change parameter 1 to 255 to stop it flashing a light (annoying) if it doesn't hear from the controller frequently.
Also they default to on if you cycle the power to them, not really a big deal.

Anyway, thought I'd share!!!!

Plus, this means I might have 12 energenie plug modules for sale in the near future lol

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