Domoticz version 3.5877 released

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Domoticz version 3.5877 released

Postby gizmocuz » Thursday 10 November 2016 18:56

Hi There !

After some issues with the eventsystem in the previous stable, here is a new release that should fix these issues.

Version #3.5877 November 10th 2016

Big thanks to all beta testers and fellow developers !

Latest changes:
Version 3.5837 (October 30th 2016)
- Fixed: Blockly/Lua, FOR and RANDOM are now again in minutes

Version 3.5834 (October 29th 2016)
- Implemented: TSL2561 illuminance I2C sensor (ldrolez)
- Implemented: AccuWeather support
- Implemented: Air Quality graph, Avarage and Previous month/year
- Implemented: Atag One Thermostat support
- Implemented: Blockly/Lua Camera device, to send camera snapshots with subject after xx seconds
- Implemented: Blockly upgraded to latest version (fixed and cleaned some code as well), this fixes problem with long sensor lists
- Implemented: Blockly, option to excecute a script in the DO statement
- Implemented: Custom Sensor
- Implemented: Denkovi Smartden with LAN Interface
- Implemented: Devices Tab, Log icon for Pressure
- Implemented: Dust Sensor (ug/m3)
- Implemented: Error Log, option to send error logs by email
- Implemented: Hourly rainrate for all rain sensors
- Implemented: MySensors, Implemented Acknowledge Timeout per Child sensor
- Implemented: MySensors, S_WATER_QUALITY, water PH
- Implemented: MySensors, S_WATER_QUALITY, water ORP redox potential in mV
- Implemented: MySensors, S_WATER_QUALITY, water electric conductivity S/cm (microSiemens/cm)
- Implemented: MySensors, S_POWER, Reactive power: volt-ampere reactive (var)
- Implemented: MySensors, S_POWER, Apparent power: volt-ampere (VA)
- Implemented: MySensors, S_POWER, Ratio of real power to apparent power: floating point value in the range [-1,..,1]
- Implemented: Nefit Easy, User Mode (as switch, On=Clock, Off=Manual), Flow Temperature, Hot Water Mode
- Implemented: Notifications, custom notification text helpers $name and $value
- Implemented: OpenZWave, Aeotec ZWave+ USB Controller, Enable/Disable blinking mode (@Schmart, Thanks for the magic codes!)
- Implemented: OpenZWave, Node table, now also displays Manufacturer, Product ID and Product Type
- Implemented: OpenZWave, When including Thermostat Setpoints, the zwave Label will be used as Name by default
- Implemented: RFXMeter, Option to specify meter offset
- Implemented: P1 Electra Report, Now also displaying the counters for Return
- Implemented: RFLink: Displaying firmware version in the hardware setup
- Implemented: RFXCom, Blinds T12 (Confexx)
- Implemented: S0 Meter TCP
- Changed: Local I2C sensors grouping (ldrolez)
- Changed: ETH-8020, ignoring return message as it always returns (no more Success message)
- Changed: EventSystem, weather/rain value is now the rain-rate
- Changed: to DarkSky
- Changed: OpenZWave, Better support for Thermostat Modes
- Changed: Stable ID generation for Philips Hue scenes (you need to delete all scenes and restart the hue hardware or domoticz)
- Changed: TE923, Rain counter devided by 2
- Changed: Waterflow sensor, now uses Node+Child as ID (for example 0x0801)
- Changed: Wind Direction graph (now does not display directions when speed was equal to zero)
- Fixed: Better handling of white listed commands/urls
- Fixed: Blockly, fixed extra quote when setting a user variable string value
- Fixed: Database backup is now only possible for admin users
- Fixed: Double checking command rights
- Fixed: Dummy, Creating a new sensor always used the same id
- Fixed: Dummy, when new sensor is created, Add it to the EventSystem
- Fixed: Fix Off Delay not handled for Selector switch (#538).
- Fixed: Fix On/Off delays not saved on the selector switch edit form (#532).
- Fixed: Logitech Harmony, Ping request now working as well for firmware 4.10.30 (Herman)
- Fixed: KMTronic, did not work in timers/groups/scenes
- Fixed: Manual Light/Switch, when created, Add it to the EventSystem
- Fixed: Wind Speed/Gust graph, Plotbands
- Fixed: Added grid lines to percentage/lux/general graphs
- Updated: AngularJS 1.5.8
- Updated: Highcharts 4.2.6
- Updated: SQLite3 v3.13.0

^^ And many more features and changes !!

Before upgrading it is advised to:

- Make a backup of your database (from the settings page) and scripts folder(s)
- Raspberry Pi; Make a complete backup of the SD card
- Make a backup of the whole Domoticz installation folder

If the above steps are made, you should always be able to switch back in case there are troubles (which we hope not to see)

Domoticz will not be distributed anymore via a Raspbery Pi SD Card, but you can now install it via a single commandline:

Code: Select all

sudo curl -L | bash

The above should also work for other debian systems

To all who donated via PayPal to the Domoticz project, note that we really appreciate your donations.
They all have been received and used to buy new hardware to integrate into the system.
It is just that we could not yet reply to you all because of the little spare time we have!

Quality outlives Quantity!

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