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Use remote domoticz server between boat (rpi) and home (synology)

Posted: Sunday 16 September 2018 17:07
by terreemer

I'm having a problem with no solution so far to use the remote domoticz

I followed the following wiki:

ditto always the problem.

So I went back to my basic config to know

On the boat a RPI 3B with domoticz whose IP is
ESPESAY is on the same LAN with DHT22 for the test.
The information goes back correctly on the domoticz of the boat.

Listed home I have a domoticz on a synology whose ip is behind a freebox in

Between the boat and the home I set up an open VPN via the freebox.
the ip attributed to my rpi 3 of the boat is: 192.168.27.X

the domoticz boat ping the home domoticz
the home domotciz ping the boat domoticz

I created on the boat domoticz a user who shares the device according to the WIKI
On the home domoticz I created a remote-type hardware domoticz server that points to the boat domoticz
In the logs no error I see the following mentions:

2018-09-16 11: 48: 21.994 Status: Domoticz: TCP connected to:
2018-09-16 11: 16: 15.219 Status: Incoming connection from:

On the other hand no data on the home domoticz. I'm drying there

Sorry for my enlish because i m french.