problems reconnecting to slave

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problems reconnecting to slave

Post by per42 » Tuesday 11 September 2018 16:00

Dunno where to post this.

I have a setup with a master and slave raspeberry pi, both running domoticz 4.9700, For some reason the slave pi hangs now and then and the only solution is a reboot by power toggle. So I set up an AC-swith on the slaves power adapter. The switch is controlled by the master. On the master I set up an event that toggles the power of the switch when the slave pi has been down for ten minutes (I use thepinger to check that). After reboot the slave comes up as it should and I can access it directly if I want, but the master never reconnects to the slave. I have to enter setup -> hardware and chose the slave and press [update] to reconnect. How can I make it do that automatically?

I would like to be able to do the same as a command in the event handler.

Thanks for any help!


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