How / where to find (breaking) changes when code changes are committed to beta

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How / where to find (breaking) changes when code changes are committed to beta

Post by waaren » Friday 15 June 2018 13:43

@developers, @gizMocuz,

Thank you for the excellent product you are working on. I really love it !!

While working on a script I noticed that one api call did returned a different json as before. In this case it was
the /json.htm?type=command&param=getlog call.
In Beta's after V3.9580 or around that, an additional setting was required ( loglevel=2 for Status or loglevel=4 for Error ) to get the required information. With the help of @jvdz who digged in the code and monitored the webrequests we managed to find what was needed and I updated the wiki with that information.
I know that I cannot rely on beta to be as stable as the stable version but still would like to be able to see some of these breaking changes comming.
My question: is there an agreed place where developers can share this information with colleagues and users to prevent that code will break unnoticed ?
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