Somfy and homewizard energylink

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Somfy and homewizard energylink

Post by TheCub3 » Tuesday 12 June 2018 21:46

Hi all

I have soms questions in the hope YouTube van help me without soms info,

I have a somfy screen i like to is this with my domoticz but i dont see a manuel with steps "how to".
And i read that that not all rf link are compatible ?, I have a RF-link at this moment.

I have tried to get homewizard add-on working and I did everything that I seen
- beta version domoticz
- python installation
- the github installation in terminal mode

Is see the homewizard in the hardware page, I select the homewizard I filled in the IP from the homewizard.
And also the password when I make it active, my domoticz is really slow and in the hardware overview the homewizard is disappeard . I can do nothing els then a completely new install
How not the add-on working raspberry if so with with witch version domoticz and if you update does it stil works ?
Maybe some tips because the homewizard topic seem to be dead ?

The for reading and your time


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