Visual Studio (or other IDE) setup instructions

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Visual Studio (or other IDE) setup instructions

Post by Whiskey » Monday 07 May 2018 21:19

Is there someone who can give a brief overview of the steps to take to setup a development environment? I've tried this so far (on Windows):
  • installed VS Community edition
  • cloned the project (Using VS)
  • installed Python3
  • extracted the extra Windows libraries in the MSBuild directory (as stated at the bottom of this page in the wiki)
  • start VS and open the project via the domoticz.sln file in the MSBuild directory
  • set the project->properties->debugging->Working Directory to be the root of the project, as mentioned on the forums here
When compiling it then borks with

Code: Select all

Error	C1083	Cannot open include file: 'boost/thread.hpp': No such file or directory		domoticz	c:\users\whiskey\source\repos\domoticz\main\stdafx.h	57	
It does seem the file it wants is not there. I tried changing the working directory to MSBuild but I then get a whole list of boost dependencies that are not found. By the way, the boost files are there after extracting the zip, but in MSBuild/Boost/Boost/.

I have done a fair bit of development in various languages, but I'm new to C++. Rather then trying to solve this via trial and error I'm hoping for a few pointers ;)

I'm not limited to VS by the way, if development works better on Linux then that's fine too.

Finally, the reason for trying is that I've installed Domoticz on my FreeNAS and noticed the SolarEdge plugin would not work for me. Rather then asking others I'd figure I try a bit of debugging and hopefully use the knowledge to write a hardware module myself someday.

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