How to handle car portal / state ?

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How to handle car portal / state ?

Post by cornichon » Thursday 03 May 2018 10:11

Hi there !
I'm a noob in domoticz
I have a topics I would like to share, and maybe get some ideas !
I have a portal to enter my car in my garden.
The portail use motors from FAAC with command board FAAC E024S.
I have 2 genuine remote control attached to my car keys and it works fine.

I consider to add a wifi connexion (ESP8266) to open or close it with my phone.
The control board has a couple of switch input (intended to be connected to an intercom for visitors).

The connexion of ESP8266 to portal is ok (I know how to do so).

But I was wondering how to handle it in domoticz considering:

- It's a "push button" type input:
normal use: if open: trig the input it will close, if close it will open.
interrupted use: if portal is moving (opening or closing), trig the input will stop it; trig again will move the opposite way (if it was closing, it will now open etc..)
- I see no signal to "read" the portal state (close, open,..?)
- I will still use my remote controls, not connected to domoticz.

Considering, this, do you think I can do something smart (like a "open or close" button) or can I only do a dummy pushbutton in domoticz.

Additionnal question: considering it's dangerous to activate the portal without supervision (if kids plays around or whatever...), for example if I touch the button by mistake in domoticz. Does it exist a kind of secure push button in domoticz ?
I mean something to avoid accident, but still comfortable to use: simple code, confirmation request etc...

Any ideas welcome :D

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Re: How to handle car portal / state ?

Post by davidgomes » Tuesday 31 July 2018 8:34

I own a cheap OBDII > USB thing. I use an USB OTG cable to connect it to my Android phone. There are several apps that are able to use the connection. I personally use it for car diagnostics only. I have it in my car as standard, so that when I get a check engine light for example I can check if it's something I can drive home with or not. However it can give engine temperature information, consumption, RPM, speed and a lot more in real time. There are WIFI, Bluetooth and USB versions available. I have the USB version because the sample rate is higher and I don't want to screw around with batteries.

There are several projects you can see online. It's especially popular with people who replace their head unit with a tablet. They go all Fast and Furious with the dials on their dash and some replace their ECU with an aftermarket one so they can change maps on the go and whatever. Expensive hobby.

Anyways, these cheap OBDII dongles are generally ELM327:
A lot of info is available on this stuff online.

As I said, I only own a cheap 10 buck dongle, OBDLink is more expensive, but is generally considered to be better. I'm sure that with some programming knowledge you're able to make it work for what you want it to do.

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