How to handle car portal / state ?

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How to handle car portal / state ?

Post by cornichon » Thursday 03 May 2018 10:11

Hi there !
I'm a noob in domoticz
I have a topics I would like to share, and maybe get some ideas !
I have a portal to enter my car in my garden.
The portail use motors from FAAC with command board FAAC E024S.
I have 2 genuine remote control attached to my car keys and it works fine.

I consider to add a wifi connexion (ESP8266) to open or close it with my phone.
The control board has a couple of switch input (intended to be connected to an intercom for visitors).

The connexion of ESP8266 to portal is ok (I know how to do so).

But I was wondering how to handle it in domoticz considering:

- It's a "push button" type input:
normal use: if open: trig the input it will close, if close it will open.
interrupted use: if portal is moving (opening or closing), trig the input will stop it; trig again will move the opposite way (if it was closing, it will now open etc..)
- I see no signal to "read" the portal state (close, open,..?)
- I will still use my remote controls, not connected to domoticz.

Considering, this, do you think I can do something smart (like a "open or close" button) or can I only do a dummy pushbutton in domoticz.

Additionnal question: considering it's dangerous to activate the portal without supervision (if kids plays around or whatever...), for example if I touch the button by mistake in domoticz. Does it exist a kind of secure push button in domoticz ?
I mean something to avoid accident, but still comfortable to use: simple code, confirmation request etc...

Any ideas welcome :D

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